Photodiode Output Optocouplers Photorelay Voff=40V Ion=0.12A Ron=14Ohm

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Product Category: Photodiode Output Optocouplers
RoHS:  Details
1 Channel
500 Vrms
30 mA
1.22 V
6 V
50 mW
- 40 C
+ 110 C
Cut Tape
Brand: Toshiba
Fall Time: -
Isc - Short Circuit Current: -
Moisture Sensitive: Yes
Product Type: Photodiode Output Optocouplers
Rise Time: -
Factory Pack Quantity: 2500
Subcategory: Optocouplers
Voc - Open Circuit Voltage: -
Unit Weight: 0.010 mg

Low CR Photorelays

Toshiba Low CR Photorelays are available as Solid State Relays (SSR) or MOSFET Output Optocouplers and are typically used as signal relay replacements. Photorelays are semiconductor relays made up of an LED optically coupled to a MOSFET. Low capacitance resistance (CR) photorelays are designed to switch high-frequency signals across output terminals. These photorelays are available in either through hole or SMT/SMD mounting styles. In addition, they're offered in several package types, including S-VSON-4, VSON-4, USOP-4, SON-4, and SMD-4. The operating temperature range is -20° to +110°.

TLP3440S Photorelay

Toshiba TLP3440S Photorelay features a low output capacitance of 0.45pF. The photorelay consists of a photo MOSFET optically coupled to an infrared LED. The TLP3440S photorelay offers 120mA ON-state current and 11Ω (typical) ON-state resistance. This photorelay is available in an S-VSON4T package and offers low COFF and RON (CR). The TLP3440S photorelay is suitable for high-frequency signal applications, measuring instruments, high-speed logic IC testers, high-speed memory testers, and Automatic Test Equipment (ATE). 


Toshiba Photorelays are ideal for security systems, mechanical relay replacements, factory automation, and measuring instruments. General-purpose, high-capacity, and lower CR photorelays are semiconductor relays made up of an LED optically coupled to a MOSFET, used mainly as signal relay replacements. These photorelays are available in various packages, including 2.54SOP4, 2.54SOP6, DIP$, DIP6, DIP 8, 4pin SO6, SSOP4, USOP4, S-VSON-4, VSON-4, SON-4, and SMD-4. The operating temperature range is -20° to +110°.

Image Description
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Power Inductors - SMD Ind,2x1.2x1.2mm,10uH+/-10%,0.56A,semi-shd
Standard Clock Oscillators MultiVolt ECS-2520MVLC,Active,XO (Standard),52MHz,Enable/Disable,CMOS,1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V,+/-50ppm,-40 C 85 C,Surface Mount,4-SMD, No Lead,0.098" L x 0.079" W (2.50mm x 2.00mm),0.035" (0.90mm)
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