3M Connectors High Density I/O Connectors & Assemblies

3M High Density I/O Connectors and Assemblies are based on the long-established Delta Ribbon Centronics®-style Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) System. The 3M Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) Connectors are a half pitch interconnect system designed to meet the needs of high speed/density I/O applications. The 3M MDR system is a well-proven solution that provides shielding against EMI/ESD and reliable connection through the pre-loaded ribbon contacts, as well as 0.050" centerlines. The 3M Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) Connectors and Assemblies allow mass termination through IDC U-shaped contacts and offer a wide range of pin counts and form factors to enable design flexibility.

Associated Products

Cable for MDR Plugs - Range of Round Shielded/Jacketed Discrete Wire Cables (e.g. 3600, 3647, UK-C Series) for MDR plugs.

MDR Accessories - EMI/RFI D-Sub Backshells in a variety of materials to accommodate pin counts from 14 to 100.

MDR Hand Tool Kit - Complete equipment to terminate MDR Wiremount Plug Connector to Round Jacketed Discrete Wire Cable.

Published: 2010-06-23 | Updated: 2023-09-01