Abracon Industrial Grade Ceramic Resonators

ABRACON Industrial Grade Ceramic Resonators feature low resonant impedance and are IR reflow capable. The SMD types are cost effective and the built-in capacitance types have load capacitance from 5pF± 20% to 20pF± 20%. ABRACON Industrial Grade Ceramic Resonators feature frequency ranges from 8MHz to 50.00MHz and are ideal for remote controls, microprocessor clocks, mobile phones, DVD and CD-Roms, electric appliances, industrial controllers, and consumer electronics.


  • Low resonant impedance
  • Built-in load capacitors
  • IR reflow capable


  • Industrial automation (power supply, motor)
  • Personal Computing (main CPU)
  • Exercise equipment (treadmill, convener belt motor)
  • White goods (can-bus interface)
Published: 2009-06-03 | Updated: 2022-03-11