Adafruit DotStar FeatherWing Board

Adafruit DotStar FeatherWing Board is a 6 x 12 RGB LED accessory board compatible with all Feather board development kits. This LED board provides 72 configurable RGB LEDs arranged in a 6 x 12 matrix. The DotStar FeatherWing board features 2mm x 2mm sized RGB pixels which can be operated individually. The LEDs are powered by either the USB power line or the battery power line. This LED board makes use of two Schottky diodes to switch between the two power lines. The DotStar FeatherWing board provides jumpers on the bottom for the data and clock lines.


  • Provides 72 configurable RGB LEDs
  • Individually addressable 2mm x 2mm sized RGB pixels
  • The LEDs are powered by either USB powerline or battery power line
  • Two Schottky diodes are used to switch between power lines


  • Compatible with all the Feather devices


Board Layout

Adafruit DotStar FeatherWing Board
Published: 2018-01-19 | Updated: 2022-08-04