Adafruit Prop-Maker FeatherWing

Adafruit Prop-Maker FeatherWing is a small, portable, rechargeable microcontroller board that is mainly used to build any kind of prop that the user wants. This Prop-Maker FeatherWing can be used with tons of stuff packed in to make sabers and swords, props, toys, and cosplay pieces. The FeatherWing board is designed with a snap-in NeoPixel port, 3W RGB LED drivers, a triple-axis accelerometer with tap detection, a class D audio amplifier, and low power mode. The Adafriut Prop-Maker FeatherWing features 50.7mm x 22.8mm x 7.2mm dimensions, weighs 4.8g, and is RoHS compliant.

A version of the Prop-Maker FeatherWing (485-4145) is available with plain headers soldered in, to easily plug into other Feathers.


Published: 2018-11-25 | Updated: 2022-11-04