Ametherm PANR NTC Thermistor Probe Assemblies

Ametherm PANR NTC Thermistor Probe Assemblies for temperature sensing and measurement feature a metal oxide ceramic material that is highly accurate in sensing temperature. These epoxy dip-coated NTC thermistors feature ring lug terminals in various sizes for easy and secure surface mounting. The assemblies offer fast response times and a high-stability replacement for PT100 thermocouples. The components experience minimal drift from their initial electrical values. Ametherm PANR NTC Thermistor Probe Assemblies are available in various housing styles, making them ideal for transformers, electric motors, air sensors, and HVAC systems.


  • Ring lug terminals enable easy and secure surface mounting
  • Variety of housings and lead wire gauges
  • Fast response times
  • High-stability replacement for PT100 thermocouples
  • Experiences minimal drift from initial electrical values


  • Isolation voltage to 5kV
  • 3000K to 4500K Beta
  • 3mW/°C dissipation constant
  • 40s thermal time constant
  • 125mW maximum power
  • Various mounting hole diameters
  • #6 lug available


  • Transformers
  • Electric motors
  • Air sensors
  • HVAC systems
Published: 2018-03-26 | Updated: 2023-02-03