Amphenol Audio AX MARK Color Coding Sleeve System

Amphenol Audio AX MARK Color Coding Sleeve System is designed for use on male or female XLR connectors to provide multiple options for customizing cable systems with unique identifiers. The sleeves feature an ample, flat marking surface for printing channel ID, cable length, or custom logos with ten colors available. Existing marking equipment can be used to ink stamp, heat transfer, or laser mark the sleeve in the field. The sleeves can also be changed out on already terminated AX connectors, future-proofing cabling field configurations to the existing inventory of AX connectors. The Color Coding Sleeve System also includes AX cable connectors pre-fitted with various marking sleeves.


  • AX XLR cable connector with marking sleeve
    • 3 to 5 contacts
    • Female socket or male pin contacts
    • Nickel-plated or black-coated shell finish
    • 10x color options
    • With or without markings
    • Pre-printed number options from 01 to 99
    • Gold-plated or standard silver/tin-plated contacts
    • RoHS compliant


  • Audio and entertainment
  • Stage/front house channel/cable management color coding
  • Analog snake XLR break-outs
  • DMX lighting assembly length color coding
Published: 2017-09-27 | Updated: 2022-03-11