Amphenol Commercial MHDR Rugged HDMI Connectors

Amphenol MHDR Rugged HDMI Connectors provide a high-definition multimedia interface for transmitting digital audiovisual signals. The MHDR receptacles mate with any standard Type-A HDMI plug while IP67 environmental sealing protects against water and dust. Typical applications for Amphenol MHDR Rugged HDMI Connectors include portable computers outdoor audio/video equipment, medical equipment, digital cameras, and portable broadcast equipment.


  • Type A
  • Right-angle PCB tail
  • 0.5A min. per contact current rating


  • Portable computers
  • Outdoor audio / video equipment
  • Portable broadcast equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Digital cameras / camcorders
Published: 2015-01-28 | Updated: 2022-03-11