Analog Devices Inc. LTC7871/LTC7060 Demo Board DC2886A

Analog Devices Inc. LTC7871/LTC7060 Demo Board DC2886A is designed to quickly and easily demonstrate the LTC7871/LTC7060 High Power PolyPhase® Bidirectional Supply/Chargers. The DC2886A provides an SPI compatible serial port. Using a DC2026C (Linduino® One) demo board and QuikEval™ software on a host computer, users can margin the regulated VLOW or VHIGH up or down, margin the DC current limit up or down with the SETCUR pin, adjust the frequency spread and modulation rate of the spread spectrum circuit, when spread spectrum is enabled, and monitor the operational status and faults of the LTC7871.

The ADI DC2886A Demonstration Board features terminals labeled VHIGH and VLOW and can be either inputs or outputs depending on the direction of power flow. When the switch at SW1 is in the BUCK position, VLOW, provides a 14V output, and VHIGH is the input with a range of 30V to 70V. When the switch is in the BOOST position, VHIGH provides a 48V output, and VLOW is the input with a range of 10V to 14V. The maximum VLOW current is 180A in both directions.

The DC2886A Demo Board offers a maximum output power of 2.5kW when operating as a buck within the input voltage range. When acting as a boost, the full output power is 2.4kW when the input voltage is 14V.


  • Pin selectable light load operating modes
  • Buck - FCM, pulse-skipping and Burst Mode® Operation
  • Boost - FCM and pulse-skipping
  • SYNC and CLKOUT pins
  • Optional jumper to enable spread spectrum modulation
  • RUN, FAULT, PGOOD and PWNEN pins
  • BUCK pin to externally control the direction of power flow
  • Footprint for an optional heatsink

Typical Setup

Analog Devices Inc. LTC7871/LTC7060 Demo Board DC2886A


Analog Devices Inc. LTC7871/LTC7060 Demo Board DC2886A
Published: 2020-10-14 | Updated: 2022-03-11