Analog Devices Inc. LTC6812-1 Demo Board DC3036A

Analog Devices Inc. LTC6812-1 Demo Board DC3036A is an evaluation platform for the LTC6812-1 15-Cell Battery Stack Monitor. The LTC6812-1 measures up to 15 series-connected battery cells with a total measurement error of less than 2.2mV. The cell measurement range of 0V to 5V makes the LTC6812-1 suitable for most battery chemistries. Multiple LTC6812-1 devices can be connected in series, permitting simultaneous cell monitoring of long, high voltage battery strings. The LTC6812-1 features a 2-wire Isolated Serial Interface (isoSPI™) interface for high-speed, RF immune, long-distance communications.

The Analog Devices Inc. LTC6812-1 Demo Board DC3036A includes a pre-mounted LTC6812-1 in a 64-lead eLQFP package. Multiple boards can be linked through isoSPI to monitor a long series of cells in a stack. The DC3036A Demo Board also features reversible isoSPI enabling a redundant communication path. The PCB, components, and DuraClik connectors are optimized for Low EMI susceptibility and emissions.

The DC3036A can communicate to a PC by connecting the DC2026 Linduino® One Board with the DC2792B Dual isoSPI Master Board. The Linduino® One Board is an Arduino-compatible platform that provides example code demonstrating how to control the LTC6812-1 15-Cell Battery Stack Monitor. The DC2026 offers an isolated USB connection to the PC, built-in SPI MISO line pull-up to properly interface with the battery-stack monitor serial data output, and an easy ribbon cable connection for SPI communication through the DC2792B 14-pin QuikEval™ J1 connector. The DC2792B Companion board provides two SPI-isoSPI channels for reversible operation.


  • 16.0V to 75.0V V+ supply voltage; 50.0V typical
  • -0.3V minimum V+ to C15 voltage
  • 40.0V maximum V+ to C10 voltage
  • 2.5V minimum C11 voltage
  • 1.0V minimum C6 voltage
  • 4.5V to 5.5V VREG supply voltage; 5.0V typical
  • 3.0V to 3.3V VREF1 1st reference voltage, no load; 3.0V typical
  • 2.992V to 3.008V VREF2 2nd reference voltage, 5k load to V-; 2.0V typical
  • 1.9V to 2.1V VBIAS IBIAS voltage, READY/ACTIVE state; 2.0V typical
  • 0.0V to 5.0V CPIN input range
  • 15 maximum cell count

Board Layout

Analog Devices Inc. LTC6812-1 Demo Board DC3036A

Setup Examples

Published: 2021-09-22 | Updated: 2022-03-11