Analog Devices Inc. EV-ADUM77038FMCZ Evaluation Board

Analog Devices EV-ADUM77038FMCZ Evaluation Board develops the ADUM7703 16-Bit Isolated Sigma-Delta Analog to Digital Converter. The ADuM7703 is designed to convert an analog input signal to a high-speed, single-bit data stream. The evaluation board's operating supply voltage ranges from 4.5V to 20V. The system demonstration platform high-speed EVAL-SDP-CH1Z (SDP-H1) controller board controls the EV-ADuM7703-8FMCZ board via the J9 connector and through the USB port of a PC using the Analysis Control Evaluation (ACE) software.


  • Fully featured evaluation board for the ADuM7703
  • 50 mA, 60V, high-efficiency buck regulator (the ADP2360ACPZ-5.0)
  • 5V, low-noise, low-dropout (LDO) regulator (the ADP7104ARDZ-5.0)
  • Onboard power supplies
  • Standalone capability
  • SDP-H1 controller board compatible
  • PC-based software for control and data analysis
Published: 2019-09-12 | Updated: 2022-03-10