Analog Devices Inc. fido1100 Real-Time Communications Controllers

Analog Devices fido1100® Real-Time Communications Controllers feature a unique architecture designed to meet the latency, jitter, and high-reliability demands of embedded industrial applications. These 32-Bit microcontrollers (MCUs) offer deterministic processing, precise context switching, and predictable interrupt latency for real-time tasks. Exceptional deterministic processing is achieved by embedding the low-level capabilities of a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) in the device. The deterministic processing enables the controllers to run at a clock rate of only 66MHz and reduce power dissipation in the system. Programmable peripherals support communication protocols across multiple platforms. The four integrated universal I/O controllers allow the devices to implement any communication protocol.


  • A 32-bit MCU CISC architecture optimized for real-time
  • CPU32+ (Motorola 68000) instruction-set compatible
  • Five hardware contexts, each with its register set and interrupt vector table
  • An 8-or 16-bit external bus interface with a programmable chip selects 24 Kbytes of high-speed internal user SRAM
  • 32 Kbytes of high-speed internal user-mappable Relocatable Rapid Execution Memory (RREM)
  • A Memory Protection Unit
  • An SDRAM controller
  • Flat, contiguous memory space
  • A non-aligned memory access
  • A dedicated Peripheral Management Unit (PMU)
  • Four Universal I/O Controllers (UICs) capable of supporting the following protocols:
    • GPIO
    • 10/100 Ethernet with flexible MAC Address Filtering schemes
    • EIA-232
    • CAN
    • SPI
    • I2C Bus
    • SMBus
    • HDLC
  • Two channels of full-featured direct memory access (DMA) with deterministic arbitration
  • Two Timer/Counter Units
  • A Watchdog timer, system timer, and context timers
  • JTAG emulation and debug interface
  • Standard 208 PQFP, TQFP, and BGA packaging
  • 3.3V operation with 5V-tolerant I/O
  • Industrial temperature grade
  • Software development supported by libraries and tools, including UIC firmware for various interface protocols and formats, as well as a customized GNU toolset

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. fido1100 Real-Time Communications Controllers


Published: 2018-04-12 | Updated: 2023-02-07