Analog Devices Inc. ADRF5040-EVALZ Evaluation Board

Analog Devices Inc. ADRF5040-EVALZ Evaluation Board demonstrates the features and capabilities of the ADRF5040 SP4T Switches. The ADRF5040 SP4T Switches from Analog Devices provide high isolation and a low insertion loss over a 9kHz to 12GHz range. The ADRF5040-EVALZ is a fully populated, 4-layer, RO4350-based evaluation board. This Rogers 4350 circuit board includes the ADRF5040 SP4T Switch, 100pF capacitors, SMA RF connectors, and through-hole mount test points.

Developed using RF circuit design techniques, the board provides a sufficient number of via holes to connect the top and bottom ground planes. Signal lines located at the RF port have 50Ω impedance. These signal lines connect the package ground leads and the backside ground slug directly to the ground plane.


  • Evaluates ADRF5040 SP4T switches
  • Fully populated
  • 4-layer, RO4350-based evaluation board
  • SMA RF connectors
  • Through-hole mount test points
Published: 2017-08-07 | Updated: 2022-04-20