Bel Power Solutions LDX-U20 20A DC Uninterruptible Power Supply

Bel Power Solutions LDX-U20 20A High-Performance DC Uninterruptible Power Supply is rated 20A and usable in 12V or 24V systems. This microprocessor-controlled DC-UPS provides digital power regulation and a unique LCD interface. Bel Power Solutions LDX-U20 monitors the voltage supplied by a DC source and, in case of power failure, a backup battery is connected to the load. When powered externally, the unit charges the battery by an integrated battery charger supporting various battery chemistries. The DC-UPS provides remote on/off and other remote functions as well as multiple user settable parameters, cold start, and automatic sensing of input voltage.


  • Digital Power regulation, LCD interface
  • Multiple user settable parameters
  • BI VOLTAGE: 12V or 24V (intermediate voltages possible)
  • Battery chemistry: Lead acid, nickel, and lithium
  • 150Ah maximum battery capacity
  • 20A maximum load current
  • Multiple protections
  • Remote ON/OFF or other remote control functions possible through INHIBIT input
  • Cold start
  • Automatic sensing of input voltage, load current, and battery current
  • Battery protection against reverse polarity connection and overcurrent
  • Battery health monitoring system: measuring battery internal resistance, battery temperature, charge/discharge cycles, and Coulomb counter
  • User settable maximum backup time
  • Embedded user interface
    • 4 keys and 1 color graphic CSTN LCD display
    • Allows online device configuration
    • Displays LDX-U20 status and alarms
    • USB communication port for remote monitoring and configuration
    • Dry contacts
  • Suitable for POWERMASTER software
    • Connection through USB interface
    • Remote monitoring and configuration
    • Firmware upgrade
    • Same functionalities of the embedded user interface with the ease of the PC benefits
    • Available for Windows and Android


Block Diagram - Bel Power Solutions LDX-U20 20A DC Uninterruptible Power Supply
Published: 2018-06-05 | Updated: 2022-09-02