Bel Power Solutions SQL/SSQL iPWER DC-DC Converters

Bel Power Solutions SQL/SSQL iPWER™ DC-DC Converters include the 1/8th brick SQL48T0033 and the 1/16th SSQL48T20033 series. Both series offer baseplate and through-hole options. The converters are DOSA compliant and protected against hiccup-mode overcurrent, output overvoltage, input undervoltage lockout, and overtemperature shutdown. Bel Power Solutions SQL/SSQL converters are designed for use in telecom, datacom, LAN/WAN, servers, and wireless infrastructure applications.


  • 36VDC to 75VDC input; 3.3VDC at 20A
  • Withstands 100V input transient for 100ms
  • Fixed-frequency operation
  • Onboard input differential LC filter
  • Start-up into pre-biased load
  • No minimum load required
  • Fully protected (OTP, OCP, OVP, UVLO)
  • Remote sense


  • Telecommunications
  • Data communications/Processing
  • Servers
  • Workstations
Published: 2012-01-24 | Updated: 2020-12-22