Bourns PDB24 24mm Rotary & Guitar Potentiometers

Bourns PDB24 24mm Rotary and Guitar Potentiometers offer a ±20% resistance tolerance, 150mV rotational noise rating, and 250V to 500V operating voltage. The Rotary Potentiometers feature high rotational life, metal shaft styles, carbon element, center detent option, and a wide range of resistance tapers. Guitar Potentiometers feature low torque, carbon element, plain or knurled shaft option, ESD wave washer, metal bushing, metal shaft, and rear solder lugs. Both are RoHS compliant.


  • High rotational life
  • Metal shaft styles
  • Carbon element
  • Center detent option
  • Wide range of resistance tapers
  • RoHS compliant
Published: 2008-02-21 | Updated: 2022-03-11