Microchip Technology HEV-EV Powertrain

Microchip Technology HEV-EV Powertrain helps the automotive industry transition from conventional fuels to hybrid and full-electric. The electrification of critical functions demands reliable solutions to generate, distribute, and control high power, through 48V DC/DC conversion to full electric features. Microchip HEV-EV Powertrain provides access to best-in-class technology that is supported by domain expertise. 


The Electro Mobility (e-Mobility) starts with electric vehicles, such as personal mini transporters, scooters, bicycles, cars, agricultural vehicles, commercial vehicles, and drones. e-Mobility also includes capabilities such as charging infrastructure, intelligent routing, and payment systems. The flexible solutions from Microchip across analog, connectivity, microcontroller, sensor, and power allow engineers to address the rigorous requirements of e-Mobility.

Published: 2021-09-20 | Updated: 2022-03-11