Sensata Power Management Solutions

Sensata offers a vast array of sensor-rich solutions to aid in administering power management systems to ensure and optimize equipment performance. Instantaneous monitoring and immediate reporting of operable conditions are integral to safely protecting end users and equipment using embedded, stand-alone, or remotely located sensing devices. These devices include temperature sensors/thermostats, starters/motor protectors, circuit breakers, relays, contactors/fuses, and wireless sensors/systems.

Industry-leading expertise assures emerging and innovative technology integration into protection devices. Temperature switches and thermostats mechanically react to a system's media based on a predetermined temperature value. Sensata offers easily configurable and rugged industrial thermostat switches and temperature sensors with various form factors and connection options. Breakthrough low-power combo starters, motor protectors, and some long-lived motor drive components are standard worldwide. Reliability is necessary for these devices to prevent equipment downtime and damage to critical equipment.

Electrical protection is a high priority within Sensata’s expansive product line. Magnetic hydraulic circuit breakers, ground fault circuit interrupters, power switches, and fuses protect against fault conditions and provide reliable power distribution/control due to innovative designs and proven performance in extreme environments. These products offer market-leading technology, a wide range of off-the-shelf solid-state relays and contactors, and custom-designed solid-state switching solutions.

Sensata’s breadth and configurability of wireless system products eliminate installation and maintenance costs associated with traditional wired systems. This benefit offers customers an easier way to add IoT connectivity to equipment facilitating real-time asset monitoring (even remotely). The Industry 4.0 revolution, in which machines are becoming more intelligent and intuitive, increases the need for sensing solutions’ ability to communicate with one another in a secure wireless manner. Wireless networks eliminate the installation and maintenance costs associated with wired systems for continuous asset monitoring.


Sensata Power Management Solutions
Published: 2022-11-01 | Updated: 2022-11-10